Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is a MOBA style game similar to DotA or League of Legends


Mobile Legends is a MOBA style game similar to DotA or League of Legends.

Fans of MOBAs will likely enjoy Mobile Legends, which takes the winning formula of PC MOBAs and brings it to a mobile device. Like most MOBAs, the foundation of the game is a five vs. five team combat on a small map with NPC minions supporting them.

As each game progresses, your character gains in strength and earns money which can be used to buy power-up items and power boosting accessories. Eventually, one team will gain the advantage over another and be able to destroy the other team's fortifications, winning the game.

Mobile Legends does a nice job of matching its interface to the touchscreen, with simple and intuitive controls.

One especially nice thing about Mobile Legends is that it's free to play, and that the only impact microtransactions have is on the way players look. As a result, you don't need to sink any money into the game and also don't have to feel like you're at a severe disadvantage to those who have. Skill is the determining factor in Mobile Legends, not your pocketbook.

MOBA fans can turn to Mobile Legends for their MOBA fix on their phones and mobile devices.

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