Jurassic Park Builder

Jurassic Park Builder

Jurassic Park Builder lets you build your own dinosaur park

Ludia Inc.

Jurassic Park Builder lets you build your own dinosaur park. This management and builder sim draws from the magic and appeal of the Jurassic Park franchise and puts you as the lead of your own park. Fundamentals draw from an established formula of resource gathering and base building, but the inclusion of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures adds a level of excitement to the formula.

Succeeding means carefully balancing how you utilize the resources available to you. The addition of new dinosaurs are huge draws that can greatly increase the revenue stream of your park, but they need to be properly fed, sheltered, and nurtured until they grow full size. The tastes of your guests also need to be balanced. Amenities like hotels and restaurants will keep them satisfied, but finding the right mix of attractions is a balancing act requiring you to keep in mind both your money and the land available to you.

A few features provide variety to the core park building experience. New dinosaurs are acquired through the discovery and splicing of genes, meaning no two parks are bound to look alike. There's also a robust arena that allows you to pit your dinosaurs against others in bloody combat.

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