Last Empire-War Z

Last Empire-War Z

Last Empire War Z is a strategic base construction game


Last Empire War Z is a strategic base construction game. As the latest iteration in the popular War Z franchise, Last Empire builds off the principles that made its predecessors so popular while managing to learn from earlier mistakes. The result is a highly polished game that manages to milk the aesthetics and horror of a zombie apocalypse to maximum effect.

Beneath this sheen of great design is a pretty standard formula, but it's one that's pulled off with aplomb. You're the leader of a human empire in a zombie riddled landscape, and maintaining and growing your empire requires fending off the hordes, building new structures, and competing with other empires. At its most fundamental, it's a traditional tower defense game. Resources are accrued in step with real time countdown clocks, and these resources are used to build up your defenses and improve your productivity. Your empire starts as a single state, but with judicious use of resources, you can cede hundreds.

Multiplayer serves as a critical component of the game. This comes in the form of alliances which allow you to pool resources to overcome obstacles, and player vs. player gameplay where you raid other players for your benefit. Regular in game events further encourage social engagement.

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