Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings

Triumph over your enemies in an all-out medieval battle

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Triumph over your enemies in an all-out medieval battle.

Channel your inner warrior as you fight to the death in Clash of Kings. Players are responsible for devising strategies, recruiting a competent army, establishing a sound empire, and expanding their realm through means of unjust ownership. All scruples are out the window, for it’s a dog eat dog world in Clash of Kings.

Among the players' most sacred asset is capital, their empire. Within the walls of their empire players will find barracks, libraries, stables, farms, and mines, all of which play an integral role in forging ahead. While the barracks serve as a safe haven for soldiers, the calm essence of the library makes for a perfect station to build weaponry. When players feel secure with both their army and their fortress, the attack can commence. Using the map as a helpful guide, players must consistently check their bearings to ensure each plan of attack is methodical and logical.

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