Stick War: Legacy

Stick War: Legacy

Stick War: Legacy is a fun, challenging strategy game

Max Games Studios

Stick War: Legacy is a fun, challenging strategy game. It’s rare to find great real-time strategy (RTS) options on a mobile platform. That’s why Stick War: Legacy stands out.

The initial learning curve is not steep. The game introduces a new class with each map, so you can gradually learn how to best use the low-cost, low-health Sword or the expensive, high-damage Giant. Once you’ve raced through the beginning levels, you’ll want to play again and again to master the higher difficulties.

If you get bored of the main campaign, hop over to tournament mode. This is an offline contest against computer-controlled opponents. Each fighter uses a different style, so you’ll be on your toes the entire time. Beating the tournament on expert-level will take many attempts, but the satisfaction of victory is worth the effort

With each map, you receive 15-25 upgrade points to spend on your troops. You’ll have to decide which class needs a boost. You can also spend in-game currency called crystals on single-use spells to turn the tides of battle. Don’t worry, though; this isn’t a freemium game. You can easily obtain all of the crystals you need simply by playing.

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