Plague Inc

Plague Inc

Destroy the world in this strategy game

Ndemic Creations

Destroy the world in this strategy game. You play a pathogen trying to kill every last human on earth as you spread and mutate. Because those pesky humans will fight to stay alive, you’ll have to outwit research scientists and governments in your quest for world annihilation.

To start, you choose a starting country to infect. You’ll slowly infect people in your new home and eventually spread to nearby regions. Strategy is required, as some countries are only accessible via one mode of transport. If you spread too quickly and spook the Madagascar government into shutting down their ports, you’ll never be able to infect the country.

Plague, Inc. offers plenty of replay value. Unlock over five pathogens, including bacteria, fungus and bio-weapon. Each pathogen type can be played on multiple difficulty levels, and you’ll need a new strategy for each one. Viruses mutate quickly, meaning they might be discovered too early, while fungi spread slowly.

With over 85 million downloads, Plague, Inc., is one of the most popular Android games on the marketplace. There’s also an expansion pack and even a real-life board game for this beloved apocalyptic strategy game.

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