Star Wars: Commander

Star Wars: Commander

Hone your combat skills and storm the enemies battlefront

NaturalMotionGames Ltd

Hone your combat skills and storm the enemies battlefront.

Star Wars: Commander is a riveting blend of strategic gameplay and ethical quandary. First things first, the player must elect to fight for either the Rebellion or the Empire. Of course, each army comes with shortcoming and advantages. For instance, the Rebellion boasts Han Solo and Princess Leia, two indispensable forces, where the Empire is armed with the ever-powerful combat vehicle, AT-AT.

The players’ underlying mission is to sufficiently operate the base, ensuring that their army is safeguarded at all times. From defensive tactics to formulated shelters, the player must devise specific techniques if they wish to reign triumphant. Stars Wars: Commander comes with two gameplay modes: computer vs. human and human vs. human. Regardless, players can create alliances to leverage their status and hoodwink rivals. Stars Wars: Commander is the ultimate marriage of trickery and warfare.

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