Snap VPN

Snap VPN

Protect your private information and browsing history with Snap VPN

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Protect your private information and browsing history with Snap VPN. This quick and responsive VPN service allows you to mask your IP address and browse confident that your information is secured. It's a great choice for individuals worried about companies selling their personal information or those who want to browse sites or access videos and other media that are region locked.

Snap VPN uses tunnels to route your IP through a remote server, hiding the source of your browsing history and masking it through an anonymous foreign address. Servers are available throughout the world, and for users who are looking to access regional content from a specific area, finding the right server is as simple as clicking on the country they want to channel their IP address through. Simplicity is the general policy of the Snap VPN design. One click can connect you directly to the VPN server, and if you don't care about the region, Snap will automatically connect you to the fastest connection based off of the location of your local IP address. This VPN server also allows you to route yourself around the firewalls of public networks. It works with mobile networks, 4G, LTE, and WiFi connections.

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