Galaxy Wearable (Samsung Gear)

Galaxy Wearable (Samsung Gear)

Samsung Gear is an app to manage Samsung Gear devices

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Samsung Gear is an app to manage Samsung Gear devices. Although it is not necessary to enjoy your accessories, it does provide many services that enhance your overall experience. Also the user interface is very friendly.

Without connecting to the Samsung Gear app you have the standard features for your device. You can also add apps to your accessory if it has WiFi capability, but the process is tedious. After connecting to the app is when the real fun starts.

The Samsung Gear app lets you use your devices data instead of WiFi, which is much more convenient. You can also update your software, change watch faces, and even locate your device if it is lost.

While the Samsung Gear app may have a lot of features, the navigation is still fairly easy to use. There are plenty of icons with descriptions and the feel is very smooth. The only setback is the amount charge is uses from your battery when it is left on.

The Samsung Gear app is great for managing Samsung devices. It is absolutely free, intuitive, and the best part is it works on most Android platforms.

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