Settings App

Settings App

Settings App allows users to customize individual app settings on their smartphones

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Settings App allows users to customize individual app settings on their smartphones. Most smartphone apps rely upon system default settings to function. Therefore, things like screen brightness, startup priority, and notifications are controlled by the system. The Settings App allows a given user to override these settings and control how a particular app behaves at startup or during use.

When a user launches Settings App, they'll see a list of their smartphone's installed apps. Each app comes with its own settings, and users can customize the settings of each one. Fortunately, the app makes this entire process simple, and a Pro version of the app offers even more settings and functionality. Everything about the app is simple and relies upon a series of toggles, which go into effect immediately.

For the most part, Settings App is an excellent smartphone app that's truly useful. Although the app is designed for all smartphones, some users may experience problems with different hardware and software. Settings App is fantastic when it works and frustrating when it fails to work properly. In the end, most users will have a positive experience with the app. Controlling app behaviors and settings comes with countless benefits after all.

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