Hancom Office (Netffice 24)

Hancom Office (Netffice 24)

Hancom Office is a cloud-based office app

Hancom Inc.

Hancom Office is a cloud-based office app. With Hancom Office, you can get all the features you expect from an office app in an interface designed specifically for use on your phone or tablet. Everything from catching up on attachments from your clients to drafting new documents can be handled with simple touches and swipes of the finger, and the cloud integration inherent in the Hancom experience makes the process of transitioning from your mobile device to a laptop or desktop computer a painless affair.

Hancom Office encompasses three of the most commonly used functions of an office suite. Hword serves as a versatile word processor and packs all the fundamental features of this breed of software in a tight and easily manageable package. You'll have access to a wide range of fonts and features as well as the ability to comment on existing documents and create special effects like bullets, headers, and footers. Hcell allows you to quickly create charts and graphs on the fly and put together spreadsheets, making it ideal when you need to visualize new data but can't find the time to stop by the office. The final component is Hshow, which allows you to create slideshows directly in the Hancom Office interface.

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