SuperVPN Free VPN Client

SuperVPN Free VPN Client

Protect your identity when you browse the web


Protect your identity when you browse the web.

In your online life, you may go places where concealing your identity could benefit you. SuperVPN Free VPN Client allows you to access websites anonymously. A virtual private network portal, this tool can also allow you to gain access to sites that are restricted by your local government or another overbearing entity.

With this elegant tool, you can easily connect and disconnect from virtual private networks to which the app has access. This app tells you, via a timer and day counter, how long you have been connected to a VPN.

To use this app, your Android device must run version 4.0.3 or better of the mobile operating system. Also, importantly, SuperVPN Free VPN Client is the rare app in its niche that does not require that you root it to your phone for proper operation. That fact will save your time and sanity.

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