Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN is a free, high speed VPN provider

Innovative Connecting

Turbo VPN is a free, high speed VPN provider. Some internet users are concerned about companies or criminals using their personal information to their own advantages. Others simply want access to media content that's regionally locked. Both of these options can find their needs answered through the use of Turbo VPN.

This brisk and high powered VPN channels external servers to hide the users' IP information and provide them with meaningful anonymity from tracking. These proxy servers mean that you'll have privacy regardless of what you're using your phone to do. While the fundamentals behind the technology may be complex, the basic principles on the user end are simple, and this is reflected in Turbo VPN's no frills and minimalist interface. You can connect to a proxy server with a simple click of a button. Turbo VPN can be used to bypass the firewall restrictions on the networks you normally use, and support is available for 3G, LTE, WiFi, and the data plans of all major mobile carriers.

The commitment to privacy is reflected in how Turbo VPN chooses to interact with their customers. There's no need to register or provide Turbo VPN with any private information, and users can get started as soon as they download the app.

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