Camera Connect

Camera Connect

Integrate your Canon camera into your array of technological devices

Canon Inc.

Integrate your Canon camera into your array of technological devices. The Canon Camera Connect is exactly what it sounds like, though it features countless benefits that aren't available with neither other types of cameras nor mainstream integration devices.

If, in the middle of taking photographs you find it necessary to switch from wireless Internet connectivity to Bluetooth - or the other way around - the Canon Camera Connect software switches them without a single interruption or gap in reference to stills and videos being captured. Another Bluetooth feature that you will be able to take advantage of is remote shutter releasing, made available by doing nothing more than clicking a button appearing on the interface of this mobile app on your smartphone.

Images and videos can both be transferred to other eligible cameras within its nearby vicinity, reducing sync time that many cameras have to take time out to do in the middle of pro photo shoots or simply messing around for fun, either one. By linking your eligible smartphone, one or more Canon brand digital cameras, and the mobile app Canon Camera connect together, information regarding nearby spots' buildings, monuments, and other structures of note can be added to images.

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