Photo Camera

Photo Camera

Photo Camera allows you to take crisp, detailed pictures


Photo Camera allows you to take crisp, detailed pictures.

In this modern world of technology and convenience, one's phone is the bearer of multiple essential functions. These days, phones also double as an instant messenger, a weather report and a camera. The days of lugging around a fragile, awkward hunk of metal just to capture a fleeting moment are now over. Fortunately, Android users without a proper camera application can rest easy. Photo Camera for Android allows users to take quick, crisp, high definition pictures in a timely and efficient manner.

Photo Camera sets itself ahead of competitors through its innovative and easy to use layout. The layout allows for both portrait and landscape photos, and comes with a bevy of effects and finishing touches to accentuate any picture. High resolution photos come standard with Photo Camera, turning any kid with a cell phone into a Nobel Prize-winning journalist. Photo Camera currently boasts 257 downloads to date, an impressive number given the ubiquity of camera phones in today's market. Indeed, Photo Camera sets the bar higher than it has been in the realm of cellphone applications. Its ease of use and undeniable craftsmanship put it ahead of all other competitors.

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