Smashy Road: Wanted

Smashy Road: Wanted

Smashy Road: Wanted is a racing game in which players elude the police

Bearbit Studios B.V.

Smashy Road: Wanted is a racing game in which players elude the police.

Smashy Road: Wanted attempts to distill down the most enjoyable part of Grand Theft Auto: fleeing from an increasingly growing contingent of law enforcement.

The game uses that Grand Theft Auto star system. When you first start out, you have a single star. As a result, only a few police cars are on your trail. As your run progresses, though, the stars increase, and before long you're being chased by army jeeps, SWAT trucks and tanks, all trying to take you down.

Depending on how long you can survive, you earn a certain amount of money. That money can be spent to buy new vehicles, each of which has different attributes that impact game play in a variety of ways. There are more than 30 cars in the game, each of which gives a different driving experience.

Some cars have better handling around turns, some are heavier and more stable. Others have more top line speed at the expense of handling.

Smashy Road: Wanted puts you in the driver's seat of thriller pitting you against law enforcement. If you are a Grand Theft Auto fan who thinks fondly about that aspect of the game, Smashy Road: Wanted may be just the game for you.

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