Color Switch

Color Switch

Color Switch is a game app that has a basic goal but a complex style of gameplay

Fortafy Games

Color Switch is a game app that has a basic goal but a complex style of gameplay. The goal is to simply transport a small vibrant ball across the screen and through different obstacles that are in your way. When you pass through an obstacle, your ball becomes a new color. The ball can only come into contact with obstacles of the same color.

The gameplay for Color Switch is a lot like the infamous Flappy Bird. You tap the screen on a regular interval to keep the ball moving. Tapping slowly might cause the ball to fall from the game area, and tapping too fast might cause you to hit one of the obstacles blocking your way.

To keep the game interesting, there are many, many different obstacles in a wide variety of shapes and colors. There are triangles with sides of various colors, bands made of several colors that strobe across the screen, and even cubes comprised of expanding and contracting circles. The only way to beat the obstacles is to bounce past them without making contact.

The graphics of the game are quite striking and beautiful considering it is so fun and free to play. Since the game contains so many obstacles and unlock-able balls, you'll never run out of things to do.

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