Get what you need by ordering with the Walgreens app

Walgreen Co.

Get what you need by ordering with the Walgreens app. When you need some supplies from the pharmacy, the Walgreens app makes it easy. You can use this app to submit an order, then go and pick up your items in the store without having to look around on the shelves. You can also opt to have your order delivered to you for enhanced convenience. When you need to request a refill from the Walgreens pharmacy, you can do so with this efficient app. You can even submit your Walgreens photo prints order through this easy to use app.

With the Walgreens app, you can browse through items that are only available online, order them and have them shipped right to your house or office. You can even set up a recurring delivery of the items that you need the most. The app shows what is in stock at your local store if you need something on your way home. The app also makes it easy to find out what is on sale at Walgreens. You can use it to achieve an even greater level of savings on purchases of the things that you regularly need and use each day.

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