Video Visit

Video Visit

Video Visit helps individuals with incarcerated loved ones communicate

Securus Technologies, LLC

Video Visit helps individuals with incarcerated loved ones communicate. Video conferencing has greatly improved the ability to keep in touch with imprisoned friends and family, but Video Visit improves on those capabilities by providing you with a communication hubs to help you maintain contact even while dealing with the limitations of incarceration. It integrates directly with the Securus Network, the company that handles video conferencing services for prisons throughout the United States, and it offers a host of options for its users.

From the Video Visit hub, you can check and deposit funds directly into your AdvanceConnect, which serves as your prepaid calling card for the Securus Network, and you can even do the same for the balance of your loved one. Autopay options are also available. A sign up system allows you to schedule appointments directly and easily, and it also supports notification services and synching with your device's calendar so you'll never forget an appointment. You won't have to worry about dropped calls, as Securus Network allows you to test the quality of your cell or WiFi network before your visitation, and it also comes with management features for what numbers are allowed for ingoing and outgoing calls for your visitations.

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