Video Calling

Video Calling

Video Calling is a video calling application

AW Inc.

Video Calling is a video calling application. It allows users to talk to each other face-to-face with their smartphones. It has features such as swipe commands, invites and messaging controls that allow the user to decide who can contact him and who cannot.

Video calling is quickly becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. Businesses are starting to use this feature more to hold sales meetings and crew discussions. It's a highly effective tool because it provides the users with a way to communicate that does not cost fuel money and other expenses. The Video Calling application can go onto to a user's phone, and he can use it to connect with friends, family members or business associates right away.

The application is 14 MB in size and requires the Android software to perform. Thousands of people have downloaded it and had positive experiences with it. Its current rating from consumers is 4.0 stars out of five, which is well above average. The people who left positive reviews about it said that they enjoyed its clarity, reliability and features. The app has been available since 2016, and developers are always working on it to make the user's experience more enjoyable.

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