Talkatone free calls and texting

Talkatone free calls and texting

Talkatone lets you makes calls and send texts for free

Talkatone, Llc

Talkatone lets you makes calls and send texts for free. The company has made it their mission to make sure everyone has a voice without having to rely on the expensive plans of major cellular companies. They manage to accomplish this by filtering their calls and text messages through WiFi messages. This allows you to get in touch with the people who matter regardless even when you don't have a cell signal. Calls and texts throughout the United States and Canada are 100% free, and they offer reasonable rates for international calls and messages.

With Talkatone, you aren't tethered to a single phone line. You can change your number without worrying about losing your contact lists, call history, or message archives. International messaging and calls are handled through the use of Talkatone credits, which can be easily purchased directly through the app. All users get one free U.S. or Canadian phone number as well as a single burner number they can use when they're looking to retain anonymity. Further burner numbers can be purchased at an additional charge.

Talkatone takes the middle man of cell companies out of the equation, and its ease of use is a major advantage. Setting up an account is simple and requires users to provide little in the way of personal information.

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