Dingtone is an Android app for making free phone calls

Dingtone Phone

Dingtone is an Android app for making free phone calls.

This app can be used to make calls from your phone or other mobile devices. All you need is an Android device with internet connectivity and a working phone number. The phone number is necessary for account creation. You can then download this app and create your account. Once installed, the app can send calls to and receive them from any phone number. The service is free to use with other Dingtone users. This goes for both calls and texts.

Dingtone does have a fee when used to communicate with those who do not have the app. Credits must be added to your account in order to contact someone outside of the app service. Dingtone can also turn your Android phone into a walkie talkie. You can then communicate locally with other users who have the app.

Dingtone is easy to download and simple to use. The app takes up very little storage space on your Android device. The interface is simple and intuitive to use. It has a number of practical uses in addition to being a fun way to communicate with friends and family members.

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