The magicJack application is telephone app

magicJack VocalTec Ltd

The magicJack application is telephone app. It works in conjunction with the magicJack device that plugs into the user's USB on the computer. The magicJack product provides its users with free long-distance calls in various countries. It has a ton of features that work well for businesses and individuals. One of the features that it has is that it can ring across devices. Therefore, the user can have it ring on his mobile phone, computer or home phone. Wi-Fi calling is another feature for people who use this program. They never have to miss any calls because they can be connected even when regular phone service is unavailable. Additionally, users can enjoy unlimited calls to other magicJack users in any country that's not automatically free.

Many people have downloaded and used this application. Those people have given it a gigantic rating of 4.1 stars, which is a very solid reading. Interested persons can download the app to their phones within minutes. The application is 9 MB large, 98 percent safe and requires the user to have at least version 4.2 of the Android software. Anyone can get the app and enjoy worry-free phone calling if that person meets the criteria.

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