TV Cast (C)

TV Cast (C)

TV Cast is a companion app for Samsung Smart TVs

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TV Cast is a companion app for Samsung Smart TVs. You can forget having to worry about where you last left the remote when you rely on TV Cast to oversee the management of your Samsung television. This app turns your phone into a mobile entertainment center and allows you to broadcast streaming videos and live television directly to external devices.

While TV Cast functions more or less as a standard remote control, it's functions are far deeper than that. You can use your existing web browser to search out the videos you want and send them to your TV with the click of a finger, so there's no need to navigate through the bulky menus of your existing TV just to find the media you're looking for. An integrated ad blocker means you won't have to worry about obtrusive advertisements popping up on your TV screen, and a remote play bar allows you to continue using the other functions of your phone while still having easy access to playback functions on your television screen. Most major video websites are supported by TV Cast, and it runs with all modern Samsung Blu-Ray players and smart TV sets. A host of advanced playback functions are also available.

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