KineMaster is a highly impressive video editor that works on numerous different platforms

KineMaster Corporation

KineMaster is a highly impressive video editor that works on numerous different platforms. It allows users to edit clips straight from their Android phone or tablet device, then upload them to a source of their choosing.

KineMaster is one of those programs that explicitly seeks to bring the benefits of high-quality video editing to the masses. In this regard, it succeeds wildly. The program has an easy to use interface that makes it easy to drop in clips, insert graphics and titles, reverse, add functions, and more. For the socially-minded, sharing clips is a breeze, and you can easily put a clip on social media or send upload it elsewhere.

Indeed, considering how easy this program is to use, and how low the price is, you can really do a huge amount with it. you can edit in different media, allowing you to potentially drop a soundtrack or voice over in, thus dramatically enhancing the quality of your video.

Reviews of the app have generally been glowing. Readers have repeatedly praised the app's usability, ability to edit and share, and a wide array of graphics. Furthermore, many questions about how the app is used were answered in the review by the developers, proving their dedication to customer service and addressing their customer's needs.

Furthermore, KineMaster makes a variety of themes easily accessible, allowing you to access a similar suite of transitions, graphics, effects, and more. These themes will then automatically sort themselves into a comprehensive package, allowing you to edit like a creative pro, despite a lack of format editing training. This truly makes editing on KineMaster a breeze to operate, and it represents one of the internet's great triumphs: The ability to put the tools of the experts in the hands of amateurs, democratizing the ability to make high-quality products.

Even better: KineMaster allows for all of these features to work together, ultimately resulting in a high level of customization that simply isn't possible in most programs, given KineMaster's low price and clean interface. You can easily mix and sync graphics, text, audio, and more. Advanced users will quickly grow comfortable with KineMaster's many features. You can also layer all of these features by altering the brightness of video or the audio of voices or background music.

KineMaster is available on a variety of formats, including Android and PC. This is fantastic news, as it allows for easy integration. You can start to work on a file on your phone, then continue editing it on your computer, or visa versa. This allows for seamless transitions between working from the road and on your PC.

However, some users did complain about bugs or glitches. The app is clearly still being updated, with new features added all the time. This means that these issues will likely be addressed. Indeed, the most recent version of this app came out the same day that this review was being written, with plenty of other prior versions being available. Furthermore, the website developers have established a robust website that makes it easy to contact them and get questions answered. This speaks well to the customer-service orientation of the company.

Another complaint is that the program works differently with different smartphone versions, although it has been noted that these differences are relatively minor. Still, for people who switch phones, this can be disorienting.

Still confused about how to use KineMaster? Fear not: A robust community of videos and social media users have popped up around the program. These programs make it easy to learn more about how to use KineMaster and get your questions answered.

Considering all of the options that the App gives you, the price for the premium version of the app is surprisingly reasonable. Monthly use is just $3.99, while an annual subscription can be purchased for $27.99. You can also purchase optional upgrades and themes, such as a Spring & Summer Vibe package. These upgrades are usually low and don't cost more than around $1.99. While it would be nice if this was included in the premium package, the amount is low enough that you can't complain too much. Furthermore, many users may be fine with the free package only, although it does mean that a watermark will be prominent in your videos.

On the whole, this is a fantastic program, and well worth the low price.


  • Has an exceptionally clean interface that makes it easy for users to create high-quality videos, even without the aid of extensive editing experience.
  • Easy interface interacts smoothly with an array of social networks, making it easy to share a video.
  • Has a very active userbase that does a great job of giving tutorials and answering questions.
  • Very reasonable pricing, and free use that may satisfy many user's needs.


  • Some bugs and crashes have caused users problems.
  • Different versions operate with some not insignificant differences, although these can be understood relatively easily.

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