We Video is a comprehensive video editing program

WeVideo Inc.

We Video is a comprehensive video editing program. It offers a myriad of features for people who want to create videos for a variety of reasons. The application is useful whether the person wants to make a promotional video for a project or just wants to jazz up some videos for a personal collection.

We Video has a ton of features. Some of the most popular features are titles and captions, voiceover recording, HD publishing, special effects, themes and more. Users can also share their videos with people in the social media circles on Facebook, Twitter and so on. The newest versions of the app have corrected some bugs and improved the platform for smoother operations.

Thousands of people have tried the We Video app and have given it a solid rating of 4.1 stars, which is way above average. Interested persons can download this application today as long as they have enough space and the right software on their phones. The app requires 23 MB of space and Android version 4.3 or something newer. It is a highly secure program that anyone can feel comfortable using for themselves. The download can happen in a matter of seconds with the right connection.

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