DramaFever is your gateway to compelling Asian movies and television


DramaFever is your gateway to compelling Asian movies and television. DramaFever has partnered with production companies throughout Japan, Korea, and China to provide a rich collection of otherwise unseen dramas and comedies to western audiences. Many of these are exclusives, and many of the more popular shows become available on DramaFever a mere 24 hours after they first air in their native countries. DramaFever can be streamed directly to your mobile device or projected through your phone to Smart TVs and TV enabled streaming devices.

While their catalog has since expanded to other genres, DramaFever got its start as the prime source of Eastern dramas, and they've managed to amass a pretty robust collection dating back years. While most of the dramas on the DramaFever service are available without a subscription, signing up for DramaFever Premium brings with it a whole variety of special perks. Premium users get access to high definition viewing on all available shows, and they never have to worry about commercials interrupting the experience. The DramaFever app also allows premium users to download their most popular movies and shows and watch them offline. Monthly and annual apps are available, and subscribers can cancel their plans whenever they want.

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