Turbotax is a federal tax return software

Intuit Inc

Turbotax is a federal tax return software. This type of software makes it easier for a person to file his or her federal tax returns. The software app is able to capture receipts and file them, which could make it easier for a person who is making charitable donations or buying items for his or her business to keep track of the receipts digitally in case they get lost on paper. The Turbotax app is also helpful for entering information about income that is earned on an irregular basis, such as people who do freelance work or those who work in the gig economy.

The software has a full range of tax forms, allowing people in a variety of situations to use it for their taxes. Turbotax can be used by heads of household or joint tax filers. It takes the guesswork out of credits and deductions, helping to ensure that a person receives a refund if one is due. The electronic filing could facilitate getting a faster refund because there is less of a risk of paperwork getting lost in the mail or missing a piece that needs to be sent in with the rest of all of it.

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