Docx Reader

Docx Reader

Read all the word documents with the Docx Reader app


Read all the word documents with the Docx Reader app. If you need to review a work-related document that a coworker sent you over the weekend or during your vacation, the Docx Reader app allows you to see all of its features. The formatting will be the same as what the original document has, allowing you to see the spacing, font and special characters. The Docx Reader app is also able to show special types of layouts, including charts and tables that may be embedded into the text of a document.

The Docx Reader app is easy to learn how to use, and it works with .docx word programming files. If you need to make any edits to the document that you received, the Docx Reader app also allows you to do that. It can track your changes so that the person you send it to can see what you have updated. This efficient app helps you to get more done when you do not have your laptop handy or when you are away from your desk. You could even use the Docx Reader app to create a new app in order to complete a task while on work leave.

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