Kronos Mobile

Kronos Mobile

Kronos is a business management and productivity tool

Kronos Incorporated

Kronos is a business management and productivity tool. Managing your business teams shouldn't have to mean staying tethered to your computer, and Kronos' mobile app takes most of the functionality of the Kronos ecosystem and distills it into a clean and intuitive dashboard to help users on the go keep everything in line at the workplace.

From the Kronos app you can monitor all the important productivity metrics of your workplace. Track employee time clocks and upcoming staffing directly through the main screen, and keep an eye on staffing to make sure your business is running at peak efficiency. All of the major components of the system are aligned vertically, and accessing the information you need is as simple as a tap of your finger. Notifications set through your Kronos desktop center is automatically sent to the Kronos app and displayed at the top of your screen so you can resolve critical circumstances and deal with changes to your projects as soon as they appear. Requests and scheduling can also be handled straight through the app's simple and streamlined mobile interface.

Kronos is not a standalone app. It requires owning a registered version of Kronos Workforce Central server software.

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