Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is a valuable equity research tool


Seeking Alpha is a valuable equity research tool. Succeeding in the financial industry requires staying at the front of the pack, and Seeking Alpha can provide you with all the metrics you need to keep relevant in the fast paced world of finance. This app is designed to provide users with the news and information they need in a concise and easily readable format. The news feed is updated in real time and boils down articles to their most fundamental aspects, so you can quickly gain the insights you need so you can make decisions on the fly with ease.

Over 8,000 users contribute to this equity research platform, creating a holistic and broadly sourced database of the most important news in the industry. By crowdsourcing their news, Seeking Alpha manages to process over 5,000 carefully curated articles a month. They take great pains to ensure that their contributors represent the cream of the crop, relying regularly on investors, industry experts, and buy-siders to produce the news that they offer. They also focus specifically on the US stock market so they can provide a more nuanced and specialized perspective for their users. You can assign instant alerts relating to the stocks you invest in and follow.

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