Bible Offline

Bible Offline

Read the Bible everywhere you go with SRNV Bible Offline

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Read the Bible everywhere you go with SRNV Bible Offline. Unlike a bulk of other Bible mobile applications, download the entirety of the Lord's word and read it anywhere at any time, regardless of whether you have a connection to the Internet or not.

SRNV Bible Offline comes in several languages, including English, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, and Kannada, and its developers are currently working on translating the offline-based text into other languages. Read at any time of day, as this mobile app comes equipped with themes best used for both day and night use.

Save your favorite parts for later with bookmarks. Unlike traditional, print, hard copies of bibles, SRNV Bible Offline allows users to take advantage of unlimited bookmarks. This feature especially comes in handy when listening to sermons in person, as most preachers skip around the Holy Bible quite a bit.

Do you have trouble seeing small print on electronic screens? With SRNV Bible Offline's interactive interface, benefit from the ability to blow font sizes up to epic proportions, allowing virtually everyone to read this copy of the Holy Bible without incidence. You can even share words, lines, verses, and chapters with friends and family with SRNV Bible Offline.

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