Holy Bible (KJV)

Holy Bible (KJV)

The Holy Bible KJV application is the King James Version of the Bible

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The Holy Bible KJV application is the King James Version of the Bible. This rendition of the Holy Bible is one of the most popular and traditional versions. It contains the Old English language that the translators used when they transformed it into a version that English reading citizens could easily understand. This version is where readers will find words and terms such as jot and tittle, thee, thine, thou and so on. It's a favorite to people who may feel that the updated versions are missing some special elements.

The KJV Bible app has quite a few positive features. One of those positive features is the search feature and option. A person can put a word into the search box and return many verses that use the same verbiage. The feature makes Bible studies easy to navigate. Another feature that the app has is sharing. Readers can quickly share verses with their friends and family by email or social media sharing. Personal favoriting and bookmarking is available on the app, as well. Interested persons can download the app free within seconds and use it for their personal spiritual growth endeavors. It's 100 percent secure and is only 1.8 megabytes in size.

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