Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures

Rayman Adventures is a platforming game for Android devices

Ubisoft Entertainment

Rayman Adventures is a platforming game for Android devices. Rayman has established itself throughout the world as one of the premier platforming franchises, and for good reason. The colorful character of Rayman, with his simple design and detachable limbs, is an eminently marketable mascot, but the franchise has always sold itself on its surprisingly tight and responsive platforming challenges. Rayman Adventures brings the console franchise to mobile devices, and the results are surprisingly solid.

Despite relying on swipes and taps rather than traditional console gamepads, Rayman Adventures controls smoothly. Losses almost always feel like poorly executed reflections than the result of cheap strategy on the part of the game itself. The game itself has had to make some concessions for the sake of the device. Much of the depth of traditional platformers is stripped out to produce a product that more closely resembles an endless runner, but Ubisoft has taken great pains to keep the core elements of the game intact. Worlds are lushly and lovingly designed, and a lovable cast of Incrediballs provide a reason to keep collecting while also offering you boosts you can use to beat your past scores. A number of additional features like the ability to raise and play with your Incrediballs round out the experience.

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