Radio FM

Radio FM

The Radio FM application is a music application


The Radio FM application is a music application. It allows the user to connect to any FM radio station out of the thousands that it can reach around the world. App users will be able to get connected to radio stations that are in the United States, China, Spain and numerous other countries. What's really amazing about this application is that it has a suite of features that other applications don't have. For instance, it has the alarm clock feature. The user can set the radio to wake him up at a certain time. Other features that it has are the favorites list, bulletins, shortcuts, easy feedback and more. It truly is a comprehensive app that many people will love.

Interested persons can download the application right now if they have Android 4.0 or better and more than 17 MB. The overall rating for the program is a 4.3-star rating, and that came from more than 142,000 people who downloaded it and spent some time with it. The people who rated it the highest did so because they found that they could get connected in countries that they had only dreamed of connecting to previously. Many people were pleased with this app.

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