SoundCloud brings music and audio streaming to your mobile device


SoundCloud brings music and audio streaming to your mobile device. SoundCloud boasts that it's the largest music and audio streaming service around, and with over 120 million tracks to its name, it's hard to argue that premise. Despite the volume of their music, SoundCloud isn't overloaded with throwaway music from cheap novelty acts. Their collection covers a wide breadth of genres and some of the most popular contemporary artists around. If this seems intimidating to you, you can rest easy knowing that SoundCloud offers charts that help you narrow down the most popular songs available according to genre and a robust search function.

Using SoundCloud through the app requires a monthly subscription service, but they offer a lot of bang for your buck. In addition to the ability to stream anywhere you go, SoundCloud premium is completely advertisement free, and you can download your own music collection so you can listen to it even when you're offline.

The Upload further increases the personalization of your SoundCloud experience. By tracking you're listening to, The Upload learns what you love and compiles a customized playlist that suits your demands. The Upload is reconfigured daily, so you can trust it to grow as your tastes do.

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