Police Scanner

Police Scanner

Police Scanner connects you to police radio frequencies

BEROBO (Police Scanner Radio)

Police Scanner connects you to police radio frequencies. Many of the most critical communications in the law enforcement community are handled through the usage of traditional radio frequencies. Whether you're a law enforcement aficionado who wants to learn more about the ins and outs of the field or simply a concerned citizen trying to stay abreast of potential crimes in your neighborhoods as they happen, Police Scanner provides a fascinating window into the world of law enforcement.

You aren't just tethered to local radio transmissions either. Police Scanner aggregates radio frequencies from around the world, and finding the department you're interested in is is a simple process. Pulldown menus allow you to narrow down your results starting on the national level and working all the way down to local departments. Navigating the frequencies is handled through a traditional and intuitive bar that resembles the sort of interface you'd expect to find on a traditional music player app.

The user interface isn't particularly attractive, but it gets the job done. Everything you need is clearly laid out in the menu before you, and listening features are simplistic but serviceable. Police Scanner is free to use, but it's funded through the inclusion of ads.

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