This GTA app for Android smartphones and tablets is filled with cheat codes for GTA San Andreas developed by Rockstar Games

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This GTA app for Android smartphones and tablets is filled with cheat codes for GTA San Andreas developed by Rockstar Games. The codes will work on the PC version of the game.

When fans of the wildly successful Grand Theft Auto video game franchise discuss which is the best title of the series, they invariably settle on GTA San Andreas. Other titles such as GTA Vice City take the cake in terms of styling and soundtrack; there is also the masterful storytelling of GTA IV, which delivers the most poignant criticism of American society, but true gamers will always love GTA San Andreas because of its expansive breadth.

If you really want to explore all of GTA San Andreas and complete the game in full with every single achievement, you will need to enter some cheats codes. There are stories about players who somehow uncovered all secrets in San Andreas on their own and without having to cheat, but such feats took them years of exploration and replaying parts of the game over and over.

GTA by AtukApps is an Android package that contains all the available cheats for the PC version of GTA San Andreas. Compared to the Xbox and PlayStation versions of the game, which was originally released in 2004, San Andreas on PC is an open-world game where secrets are cleverly hidden in the most unlikely of places. Even GTA V does not have as many secrets even though it takes place in the same fictional universe of San Andreas, which closely resembles California and parts of Nevada.

When you install this APK in your smartphone or tablet, a couple of touchscreen gestures will list all the GTA San Andreas cheat codes you need to know. These codes need to be entered on a keyboard while playing the PC version. The game is always "listening" to the keyboard, so you can enter the codes at anytime. The best strategy is to have your Android smartphone running the GTA app while playing San Andreas; when your CJ character is in a safe spot, enter the code as seen on the touchscreen and wait for the "Cheat Activated" message to be displayed on the game's screen.

These codes are the same ones used by Rockstar game developers and testers who worked on GTA San Andreas. If you want CJ to have super jumping powers, for example, simply enter "kangaroo" while playing.


  • Nice user interface.
  • All cheat codes included.


  • Ads will display when connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Some cheat codes may not worked with patched or modded versions of GTA San Andreas.

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