FlipaClip is a combination drawing and animating app for artists of all skill levels

Visual Blasters LLC

FlipaClip is a combination drawing and animating app for artists of all skill levels. You get all of the essential tools like different brushes, a color wheel to choose the best color, layers and the ability to animate your drawings. You can even add audio to really bring your animation to life.

Drawing Tools

FlipaClip is primarily a drawing app that artists can use to sketch, draw and color their creations. You can use your finger or a digital pen, whichever is easier for you. This gives you options and ensures that you're comfortable while making your drawings. While this works somewhat better on tablets due to the extra space, this works equally well on smartphones.

You aren't just drawing on a flat surface with FlipaClip. You can also add layers to enhance your drawing. Layers technology has been around for a long time and it's like adding a transparent sheet on top of your drawing. This makes it easier to color, add new elements or make sketches that you can easily edit.

There are also many brushes to choose from. You can use thin brushes, large brushes, ones with streaks and so on. This makes it easier to create a unique aesthetic that is fitting of your drawing style.

Whether this is your first time drawing or you have years of experience, you will find that FlipaClip works well for you as it has all the tools you need.

Animation Tools

Drawing and sketching are one thing, but animating breathes new life into your art. It gives your characters a chance to move and interact. While animation can be difficult, programs such as FlipaClip make it much easier. This app has a basic animation studio that allows you to string together clips and create movement.

It's simple. You just add frame after frame conveying movement and action. This program is able to place all the clips together properly so that your animation has fluid movement. You can change the frames per second and other features to ensure your animation looks perfect. Not only that, but you can easily see the order of each frame and make adjustments as needed.

While you can't make full-length movies with this app, you can make animations that are several seconds or even several minutes long. This will be good for budding animators who want to see what it takes to bring their creations to life.

Add Audio

Animation is great, but without sound it feels a little flat. While you can make animations that work well with silence, it's so much easier to add music that improves the action and gives more emotional depth to the animation. FlipaClip allows you to add sound effects, voices and even background music with ease. Simply select the audio that you want to add, tell the app when to start the audio and it will do the rest.

This is simple with smaller animations, but it gets hard if you want to add multiple voices to larger animation. It isn't built to be that precise. At the same time, this is good for adding one or two voices along with effects and music.


  • Allows you to draw with your finger or a digital pen.
  • You can easily select any color that you need and there are multiple brushes.
  • Has animation features and you can add audio.


  • The audio features are a little basic, so it might be hard to add multiple voices.
  • While the animation features are good, you can't make animations that are too long or complicated.

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