Charm King

Charm King

Charm King is a bright and colorful match three game

PlayQ Inc

Charm King is a bright and colorful match three game. Gem matching games are prevalent in the app marketplaces, and over the years many have become exceedingly more complicated and overloaded with complex RPG features and micro-transactions. Charm King takes the basic principles of the genre, strips them down to their most entertaining elements, and marries it to a charmingly bright and happy aesthetic.

Over 500 challenging levels are available, and the difficulty curve is relaxing. The average player will learn how to better make use of the abilities and strategies at their disposal without ever feeling like they're hitting an insurmountable obstacle. The fundamentals here are well worn. Connect three or more similarly colored gems together in pursuit of your goals. The longer the string, the higher your score. This is further complicated by the inclusion of power ups and skills that help you overcome tougher challenges along your way. Charm King makes use of social features but not in a manner that produces aggressively competitive play or a pay to win structure. You can track your successes alongside of those of any of your friends who are registered.

But where Charm King really finds its voice is through its design. Levels are split up into various kingdoms, each populated by a colorful cast of fairytale characters. While it won't win any awards for originality, it manages to offer a polished experience in a colorfully imaginative world.

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