Crazy Kitchen

Crazy Kitchen

Crazy Kitchen is a puzzle game where you're the star


Crazy Kitchen is a puzzle game where you're the star. This match three style game casts you in the role of a chef in a hectic kitchen. Through the course of over 500 puzzles, you're asked to keep your customers happy. This means matching three or more of the items they request from the chaotic game board filled with ingredients. The twist is that all of your customers are your real life friends and family. Crazy Kitchen pulls from your photo roll and superimposes the people in your life on the customers.

Crazy Kitchen may start off easy, but it quickly begins to show off its deeper layers. In early stages you're tasked with matching simple combinations of food, but orders become more complex as you venture further into the game and dozens of different foods begin to jockey for position on the board. Players quickly have to learn that simple match three combinations aren't enough and take advantage of the bonuses that come from longer matches and chains. They also have a number of tools at their disposal to assist when things get too hairy. Daily costume rewards mean you can dress your chef however you want and share them with your friends over SMS or social media.

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