Book of Life: Sugar Smash

Book of Life: Sugar Smash

Book of Life Sugar Smash is a match three game

Jam City, Inc.

Book of Life Sugar Smash is a match three game. Building off the tried and trued principles of the match three puzzle genre and pulling from the characters and mythology of the movie Book of Life, Sugar Smash offers hundreds of stages scattered across dozens of colorful worlds. While the gameplay may be well trodden territory, the setting is anything but. Sugar Smash immerses you in a colorful fantasy world that draws on a mythical and romantic vision of Mexico largely influenced by Day of the Dead iconography.

The core mechanics are simple. Connect coconut shells of the same colors to clear the board and maximize your scores. New configurations and new complications increase the challenge as you move deeper into the game, but you're supported with a range of power ups and abilities. Sugar Smash is at its best when it's exploring its animated universe. Luckily, a murderer's row of stars that include Channing Tatum, Ice T, and Zoe Saldana are on hand to lend their voices to the proceedings.

Facebook connectivity allows you to compete with friends and provide each other with rewards to overcome the most difficult challenges. Book of Life Sugar Smash is free to play but supplemented with in app purchases.

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