Block! Hexa

Block! Hexa



Block! Hexa Puzzle is a free puzzle game app that is exceptionally easy to play but can be quite difficult in which to do well. The goal is to fill up the hexagonal grid with your blocks, and you can't rotate them or alter them in any way. That usually means there is only one correct way to solve the puzzle, and you will have to find it if you want to advance.

Gameplay is relatively straightforward. You'll be presented with an empty frame that is exactly the shape of the final product. Below that grid, you'll see all the blocks that you'll have to use to fill the grid. There is no time limit, but that isn't necessarily a good thing. No time limit means the puzzles are probably hard enough in warrant such decision.

The visuals in the game are quite beautiful. The hexagonal grid and all the hexagonal pieces of the individual blocks have a sense of depth to them that is subtle but clear at the same time, and there are more than 300 puzzles in this app. You don't need WiFi to play this game since all the puzzles are loaded into your device when you install the app.

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