Audio KJV Bible

Audio KJV Bible

The Audio KJV Bible is a refreshing Bible app

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The Audio KJV Bible is a refreshing Bible app. This application is like a breath of fresh air to fans of the KJV Bible. Such people can now listen to their favorite verses and chapters being read to them instead of having to read them with their eyes. The app comes in handy for anyone who has tired eyes, a dry throat or just a preference for hearing the Word read to them. The user can read the Bible normally if for some reason he gets tired of having it read to him. Part of the reason that it's so popular and has been downloaded so many times is the ever-living flexibility that it has. Anyone can use it and get the very best out of it.

The app contains the Old Testament and the New Testament and a few features such as favoriting and font changing. The Audio KJV Bible is a little over 4 MB in size, which makes it a lightweight application that can fit on anyone's phone. Users who want to enjoy it will have to have Android 2.3 or greater. The 2.3 version is for very old Android devices, which makes the app versatile and flexible for anyone to use.

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