Virgin Pulse

Virgin Pulse

Keep track of your health with the Virgin Pulse app

Virgin Pulse

Keep track of your health with the Virgin Pulse app. The Virgin Pulse app is available to you through a sponsoring organization, such as your place of work. It allows you to participate in a variety of healthy activities and connect with other people who are also interested in health. You can get the app independently, too, and connect with people from all over the place. If you join it as a part of a sponsoring organization, you could have access to rewards and a variety of challenges sponsored by your workplace.

The app makes it easy to track your sleep, steps and workouts. You can also use it to encourage yourself to develop healthier habits, such as reading the nutrition information on packaged food or checking the number of servings in a container of food. If you want to make a healthy change, the Virgin Pulse app allows you to set goals. Want to work together with a friend or compete against a friend in an amicable way that could benefit you both? You can set up your own challenge, such as steps or stair climbing, and invite one or more of your friends to join you in it.

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