Atkins Carb Tracker

Atkins Carb Tracker

Atkins Carb Tracker helps you track your carb intake

Atkins Nutritionals

Atkins Carb Tracker helps you track your carb intake. With this app, it is easier for you to stay on track with your Atkins diet. If you are not sure of how many carbs are in a food that you plan to eat, it is okay. This Atkins Carb Tracker app figures it out for you. It has a large dictionary of different foods, including foods served at restaurants and brand-name packaged foods. Simply choose what you ate, enter the number of servings that you consumed, and it does the math for you.

This app is an ideal solution for tracking your carb intake and making sure that your total number of carbs is in line with what the Atkins diet recommends for your situation. If you want to slowly decrease your carb intake over time, Atkins Carb Tracker is the app to do it. You can also use it for a flash diet of carb restriction if you want to drop the carbs to see if you have a sensitivity or if you want to try to lose weight. Atkins Carb Tracker also has other nutritional information such as sugars and the amount of carbs a person should eat.

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