Reflexology chart

Reflexology chart

Practice reflexology when you use this efficient Reflexology Chart app

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Practice reflexology when you use this efficient Reflexology Chart app. The Reflexology Chart app allows you to see the foot and hand in detail. The parts of the foot and hand are labeled as to what part of the body they correspond to for practicing reflexology. The idea behind it is that if you put pressure on a particular area, it might relieve some problems that you are having elsewhere in the body. Massaging the corresponding area of the foot may also help to provide you with relief from pain, discomfort and other problems.

The Reflexology Chart app is easy for a person to learn how to use. If you have never done reflexology before, you will find the color-coded charts helpful and easy to follow. The Reflexology Chart app guides you through the process of reflexology. It also makes recommendations on the level of pressure to use when a part of the body is bothering you. You can also use the Reflexology Chart app to identify a potential problem in your body. If you notice that a particular spot on your hand or your foot is bothering you, the Reflexology Chart app could show what body part is affected.

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