Free Bible Dictionary

Free Bible Dictionary

Free Bible Dictionary helps you figure out Bible passages

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Free Bible Dictionary helps you figure out Bible passages. If you cannot remember who someone is in one of the passages, you can look the person up with the dictionary. This dictionary is easy to use, and it offers in-text links so that if another name comes up that you have not heard of, you can look that one up, too. This app is applicable to all versions of the Bible. It includes characters from both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

The Free Bible Dictionary app also explains some concepts that a person might not be familiar with. If a person is not sure what is meant by a particular word or parable, a deeper explanation of what it is can be found in this dictionary. It also includes the variety of spellings that a person might find in different versions of the Bible for the same word. If you are not sure of ow to pronounce a word from the Bible, the dictionary offers instruction on how to say it.

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