Breed and raise hundreds of virtual dragons in DragonVale

Deca Games

Breed and raise hundreds of virtual dragons in DragonVale. This game lets you loose in a magical world where numerous breeds of dragon run free and lets you create a kingdom of lovable creatures that you can nurture and befriend. Finding the rarest breeds of dragons isn't easy though. Breeding dragons together can produce unexpected results, and once the breeding process is over, it's your job to hatch, feed, and raise them into full adulthood.

All of this breeding is in service to a higher cause. Players can build their own theme park in which their dragons can thrive and spectators can visit. Your floating island park is a reflection of your personality, and that's why DragonVale allows the option of sharing pictures of their parks with friends. A number of cool features, foliage, and buildings are available, meaning every park is sure to be unique. Special seasonal events are released often, providing diligent players with the opportunity to get their hands on rare decorations and dragons. But there's more to do than just raise dragons and build your park. A number of games like races, quests, and competitions let you test the mettle of your loyal pets and win prizes in the process.

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