Charter TV

Charter TV

The Charter-TV app for Android offers live tv streaming

Charter Communications, Inc.

The Charter-TV app for Android offers live tv streaming.

This app delivers all-day streaming to your home. For in-home tv you need Charter Home WiFi Network or a Spectrum TV subscription package. Up to 150 live channels are available for viewing from anywhere in your house through one or multiple digital receivers, a Motorola digital receiver is advised with a Spectrum TV subscription package.

With the provided Charter TV DVR manager, their user-friendly TV remote control, you can browse the programming guide and add shows to your customized Watchlist. There is kid-friendly fare called “Kid Zone” and a Sports Zone component if you use iOS. To download and watch Showtime, Starz, Encore or MoviePlex you need to use your current subscriptions. To use Watchlist, Downloads and Favorites you will need to sign in with your Charter ID, if need to create an ID go to

Streaming for up to 43 channels on your android mobile device is available with your WiFi or cellular connection (The app is also available for iOS as well as for Kindle Fire tablets). Phones and tablets need to be using Android 4.0 or above.

The Charter-Tv app for androids is a comprehensive fully-interactive experience.

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